Snake on a plane? No, snake in a car!


A recent delivery of a car in England took a slithery turn when a corn snake was discovered hanging from the dashboard.

According to a Facebook post by The Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue, a man was driving the vehicle to deliver it to a customer when he noticed the reptile and pulled over at the wildlife facility. 

“Mark went and met him with the aim to get the snake out but it had slithered off under the seat amongst the metal work and couldn’t be grabbed,” the post explained. 

Mark then convinced the driver to drive to another town, where his dad’s shed full of tools and equipment came in handy as the seat had to be removed along with various other interior parts to gain access to the rogue reptile. With teamwork and determination, they finally coaxed the snake out, avoiding any bites in the process.

It remains a mystery as to how the snake ended up in the car, but it seems it had been there for a few days and was quite chilly. The snake is now doing well and “has an attitude,” per the Facebook post. 


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