Son’s hilarious obituary gives Kentucky man a legendary farewell


A man from Eubank, Kentucky, who passed away recently, received an obituary like no other. Penned by his son, it was a witty yet heartfelt tribute that shed a light on the man’s legendary beer drinking and insatiable love for fried food to his charm with the ladies and unwavering devotion to Mustangs.

“Jamie, a divorcee, father, grandfather and proud owner of a few lots in the trailer park, had had enough and up and died on us on June 13th in order to avoid another Presidential stolen-election mishap in the near future,” the obituary read, according to OutKick. 

It goes on, “We don’t know if he was married, but he definitely was a lady’s man. There was Kathy, Mary Lou, Tammy, Debra, Carrie, Tina, etc., etc. ‘It’s the bones’, he told us as proudly pointed his skinny, pasty-white legs. ‘Women love a good shin’.”

This obituary was a rollercoaster ride of memories. And to cap it all off, the son playfully noted that his dad would only be “moderately missed.” Now, that’s one way to make an exit that won’t soon be forgotten!


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