Teenager teaches stepmom not to read her diary


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Diaries are meant to be private, right?

Taking to Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” thread, a 16-year-old girl explained she got fed up with her stepmom, Arielle, constantly finding and reading her diary — so she lied about her dad having affair with the neighbor.

She added, “I’ve moved the diary multiple times but Arielle keeps finding and reading it. She’ll make comments and say things that she would only know about from actively reading my diary.”

The teen claimed she asked her dad to intervene, but nothing came of it. After giving her stepmom one chance too many to stop, the storyteller said, “I then wrote in my diary that I caught my dad having an affair with our neighbor Michael.”

“Arielle ended up reading my diary the next day and freaked out. She yelled at my dad, went to Michael’s house, yelled at Michael, and then she drove somewhere else,” the post continued.

While the teen’s family on her biological mother’s side approved of what happened, her dad’s side of the family grounded her.

“They said that Arielle is just curious and wants to know what’s going on in my life. And I should appreciate that Arielle wants to be involved instead of embarrassing the family in front of the neighborhood,” she wrote.

Reddit was on the teen’s side on this particular case. Others voted for ditching the physical diary and getting a virtual, password-protected one instead.


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