The Labor Standoff That Could Shut Down The Auto Industry


150,000 autoworkers across the United States could walk off the job this month.

They’re fighting for a 40% pay increase — the same raise that Ford, Stellantis & GM CEOs have seen over the past 4 years.

This would be the largest strike in the U.S. auto industry in fifty years.

Autoworkers’ sacrifice

During the Great Recession, the United Auto Workers agreed to drastic cuts to their wages and benefits to help save the auto industry.

As a result, a majority of autoworkers at major U.S. car companies are now considered “lower tier” workers, with lower wages and no retirement health care or pensions.

But times have changed. The auto industry has rebounded since the Great Recession — and then some.

The big U.S. automakers have made a quarter of a trillion dollars in North American profits in the past decade. CEO pay is up 40% in four years. Meanwhile, worker wages are only up 6%.

Strike ready

Now autoworkers want their share — including raises, restored cost-of-living payments, more paid time off, and health care for retirees. They’re willing to strike to make that happen.

On Aug. 23, 97% of United Auto Workers members voted to authorize a strike. This gives the union the authority to strike if the big three automakers don’t come to the table with a fair deal.

The union contract covering 150,000 auto workers at Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis (Chrysler/Jeep) expires on September 14. The autoworkers could launch this massive strike as soon as September 15th.

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