The ‘No Labels’ Third Party Bid That Could Sabotage Trump and Biden


A group calling themselves “No Labels” has suddenly emerged as a huge financial backer of Kyrsten Sinema. They’re also floating the idea of running Joe Manchin for President. We dug into them, and found a whole lot of billionaires with a history of opposing democracy.

Until recently, No Labels had primarily been a dark money lobbying group that worked to influence politics within the halls of power. Heading into the 2024 elections, No Labels is actually becoming its own political party, seeking its own line on the ballot in multiple presidential battleground states, including Arizona.

With donors that include Clarence Thomas’s personal benefactor, billionaire Harlan Crow, Wall Street titans, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, an Enron billionaire, and scores of Big Tech companies and executives, No Labels is amassing a war chest big enough to buy an election.

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