The Pink Moon is taking over TikTok because apparently it’s a big deal


Get ready for the Pink Moon aka the full moon, set to arrive next month. This is apparently a big deal, if you believe what those TikTok astrology gurus are saying about how it will usher in renewed energy.

Kyle Thomas is a step above the so-called gurus. He’s a celebrity astrologer and told Good Morning America these influencers are on to something.

The Pink Moon, the first full moon of the spring season, will reach peak illumination on Thursday, April 6, at 12:34 a.m. ET. It’s called a Pink Moon not because the moon will change color, but because the Old Farmer’s Almanac said its arrival normally corresponds with early springtime wildflowers.

As for why astrology nerds are freaking out, Thomas explains each full moon is determined by where it is positioned in the night sky relative to the different astrological signs. The Pink Moon will be in Libra, an air sign ruled by partnerships, commitments and fairness.

As a zodiac sign, Libra is known for being charming, beautiful and balanced.

And that explains why social media is buzzing with “rituals” and astrology speak, because Thomas said the belief is this moon may help you appreciate the beauty in life, and strike the perfect balance between relaxing and living in the moment.

To make the best use of this intense energy, many astrologers believe that a full moon is a great time to manifest your dreams. Apparently you can speak some of these dreams into existence by repeating mantras such as “I am ready to build my relationships” or “I manifest healthy partnerships and connections at all times.”

That is, if you believe in this stuff …


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