This Ohio Election Will Likely Decide Whether Abortion is Outlawed


There’s a fight to protect abortion in Ohio that you need to know about.

Ohio voters submitted nearly twice the required signatures to put an abortion protection measure on the November ballot.

But now corrupt politicians and right-wing billionaires are trying to change election rules to stop them.

What’s happening?

Right-wing billionaires want to make it much tougher change the Ohio constitution—immediately before a vote on enshrining the right to abortion.

But new data shows Ohio voters aren’t falling for it. Only 26% support this anti-democratic measure.

Ohio Republicans are holding a special election in August, to raise the threshold of voters needed to pass a ballot initiative from 50 to 60 percent. The timing — in an off year when voters aren’t paying attention, and that seemingly arbitrary percentage increase — couldn’t be more strategic.

On the record, Republicans claim this effort to up the amendment threshold is about protecting the state’s constitution from out of state special interests.

But this claim is not only untrue, it’s hypocritical. Because out-of-state special interests are the very people spearheading this special election.

Shortly before Republicans decided to hold this election, they had outlawed August elections because of low voter turnout. They’re effectively breaking a law that they put in place by holding one.

That’s how these Republican politicians work. When the rules no longer serve their interests, they change them.

Can’t win? Cheat. It really is as simple as that.

Republican lawmakers in Ohio and across the country do not want you to make choices about your own life. And if you’re in Ohio, you will be setting the stage for how these ballot measures play out across the rest of the country.

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