TikToker fakes death, surprises mourners in dramatic fashion


Prepare for a wild rollercoaster ride of family drama and attention-seeking antics from a TikTok user in Belgium.

David Baerten, a man with a flair for the dramatic, decided to teach his disconnected family a lesson by faking his own death. With the help of his wife and kids, they created a heartbreaking narrative online, with his daughter pouring out her grief over her father’s “passing,” according to the Times UK

But this was no ordinary grieving process. Oh no. Baerten took it to the next level. Picture this: a funeral gathering, tearful mourners paying their respects, when suddenly a helicopter swoops down from the heavens. And who emerges from this heavenly contraption? None other than Baerten himself, grinning like a mischievous Cheshire cat, accompanied by a camera crew capturing every bewildered face in the crowd.

As emotions went haywire, some family members rejoiced and ran to embrace the resurrected prankster, while others stood in the parking lot, scratching their heads in utter confusion. A few folks were less than thrilled, prompting Baerten to explain his outlandish actions. Apparently, he felt invisible, unappreciated, and left out, and this theatrical resurrection was his way of shaking things up.

Claiming victory, Baerten proudly boasted that his prank revealed who genuinely cared about him, as some absent funeralgoers reached out afterward. While a full video of this absurd funeral may be missing, a TikTok user managed to capture the moment when Baerten descended from the heavens, enveloping a weeping “mourner” in a hug.


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