Toronto mom feeds baby crickets to save money


Hold on to your hats folks, because this story is about to get buggy! A Toronto mom has revealed her secret to saving hundreds of dollars on baby food is by feeding her 18-month-old baby CRICKETS! 

In an article for Insider, Tiffany Leigh, a food writer from Toronto, Canada, said that she first tried insects during a visit to Asia — tasting everything from fried tarantula legs to scorpion on a stick – and she “loved” how the critters were ‘incorporated into local dishes’ to “enhance their textural appeal.”

Incorporating what she experienced abroad, at home, Leigh decided to add the protein source to her daughter’s diet, not only because of her adventurous spirit but for practical reasons too. She said by making the switch from “more traditionally expensive proteins like beef, chicken, and pork” she’s managed to trim her grocery bill from about $250-$300 a week to about $150-$200 a week. 

So, if you’re tired of shelling out big bucks for baby food, maybe it’s time to hop on the cricket wagon. Bon appétit!


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