Town’s Christmas tree removal plans foiled … by a pigeon


A Christmas tree in the market town of Beverley, East Yorkshire, has become a permanent resident in the town square — all because of a wood pigeon!

According to Yahoo News, the tree was scheduled for removal by the local council back in January, as tradition would have it. However, this audacious bird took matters into its own wings and decided to set up camp in the tree, thus invoking the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. This law states that no one shall take, damage, or destroy the nest of a wild bird while it’s in use or under construction. 

Local councilor Denis Healy, a man with a soft spot for feathery inhabitants, made it clear that the council won’t be playing the Grinch. “We don’t want to remove the bird,” he declared, announcing the council’s patient wait-and-see strategy. The lights, which were once adorned with festive cheer, still dangle from the tree. Apparently, moving them might ruffle the pigeon’s feathers, so they remain off. Curious townsfolk, baffled by this lingering Yuletide celebration, had to be informed through signs that the bird had squatter’s rights.

Now, as we approach the grand finale of the breeding season, wildlife experts have whispered to the council that the pigeon may finally vacate its luxurious nest next month. Until then, the tree remains a feathered haven, proving that even in the world of Christmas decor, some traditions just refuse to let go.


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