Two-headed snake thrives at English pet store


A two-headed snake that emerged at Exeter Exotics, a pet store in England, is thriving at 4 weeks old.

The unique slitherer was discovered by staff at the store, showcasing one body and two heads.

“We’ve hatched a Two Headed Snake,” the store announced in an Instagram post. “Well this was a bit of a shock to see a couple days ago… a Two Headed Western Hognose Snake.”

“It hatched on its own & has already shed its skin unaided,” the post continued. “There appears to be no kinks in the body, just the very tip of the tail is curled. It seems to have no issues with movement either. Both sad & fascinating at the same time.”

“All we can do is see how the little one goes, see how feeding goes & wish for the best,” they concluded. 

The serpent has exhibited positive progress, with one head comfortably consuming sardines. However, the second head, possessing a narrower throat, has shown an interest in food, but requires smaller portions. A post on the store’s Instagram account highlighted the curious behavior of the snake, as the left head mimics the chewing motion while the right head actively consumes food.


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