Ukraine’s foreign minister comments on Argentina president’s ‘courtesies’ with Putin


“You’re whipping up tensions a bit,” Kuleba said, referring to Fernández.

“To conclude that Ukrainian diplomacy doesn’t work in Latin America because the president of Argentina thanked Putin for something… I think if we evaluate the work of diplomacy in this way, we’ll go very far.”

On Dec. 19, Fernández thanked Putin for his congratulations on the victory of the Argentine national football team at the 2022 World Cup.

According to the minister, “[The political leaders] all perfectly understand what is happening.”

“Everyone is playing their own game,” he said.

“And unfortunately, there are very few countries in Latin America that honestly and openly sided with Ukraine in this war, and in defense of international law in general in this war.”

Kuleba also added that Ukrainian diplomacy needs to work more with the countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia and the whole world.

“This is exactly what we’re doing, but there are political leaders, and in particular in Latin America, who will thank Putin under any circumstances,” he said.

“Let the joy that today unites Argentina with many nations of the world serve as an example: our societies need unity and peace.”

Read the original article on The New Voice of Ukraine


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