Want some “diet water?” Hotels.com reveals weirdest room service requests


Hotels.com recently conducted a Room Service Report, uncovering the wackiest requests made by guests at their associated accommodations. 

Among the mind-boggling orders were demands for “diet water” and melted ice cream. Hotel staff also had the pleasure of fulfilling requests for blowfish, cockle popcorn, an egg-white-less omelet, a rice bowl specifically for a dog, bison meat, and boiled bottled water. 

In the realm of guest-provided delights, one visitor brought their own fish and asked the hotel’s kitchen to cook and serve it. And let’s not forget the bold soul who requested an egg-free shakshuka, also known as “eggs in hell.” 

In addition to these eccentric requests, Hotels.com highlighted some out-of-the-ordinary room service offerings. The Milestone Hotel in London takes it up a notch with in-room concerts by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Meanwhile, the Post Oak Hotel in Houston tantalizes taste buds with a jaw-dropping $1,600 burger sporting a 24-karat gold brioche bun. And for those feeling nostalgic, The Plaza Hotel in New York City serves up the “Home Alone Sundae,” a dessert inspired by the classic movie that will set you back a cool $300. With 16 scoops of ice cream and layers of toppings, it’s a sundae fit for a Kevin McCallister-sized appetite.


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