Wendy’s cheese dispute ends in arrests and mayhem


In a cheesy crime caper at a Wendy’s in Toledo, Ohio, two individuals managed to turn a simple case of missing cheese on a chicken sandwich into a chaotic robbery attempt, police say. 

The saga unfolded at the Wendy’s near Miracle Mile when an irate drive-thru customer, Jalinia Stuart, disappointed by the lack of cheese on her crispy chicken delight, stormed into the restaurant, ABC affiliate WTVG reports. Without warning, she launched a few Frostys on the unsuspecting employees and went on a rampage, sending cookies flying and injuring a poor pregnant staff member. 

Not content with this dairy-driven chaos, things escalated further when Dominique Ezell joined the fray, causing even more mayhem and damaging a cash register. Amid the commotion, Stuart, with a minor child in tow, decided to add hair-pulling to her repertoire in an audacious attempt to snatch an employee’s phone. Luckily, another quick-thinking staff member prevented the theft.

Before making their grand exit, Ezell made a final gesture of flinging the cheeseless chicken sandwich back into the restaurant. 

The incident resulted in minor injuries, while Ezell and Stuart found themselves in hot water and facing robbery charges after their ill-fated escapade.


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