What do they put in those airport margaritas?


(NOTE LANGUAGE) A man who enjoyed “about three margaritas” at the airport is now the subject of an embarrassingly viral video.

The unidentified man is seen shouting at three police officers as they question him about how much he had to drink. 

“Why do you have a f****** problem with that when you have a f****** liquor bar in this f****** airport?” he shouts, before saying he paid over $2,000 for a flight that he claims bumped him.

The man doesn’t realize the officers have surrounded him in a triangle shape until they try to arrest him. A scuffle ensues and, just as the man breaks free, a female officer shoots him with a Taser.

He falls down and is then arrested.

The video was first posted to TikTok, where it went viral, and then migrated on over to Reddit, where it is also blowing up.

The video doesn’t identify who is in it or the airport in which the incident happened.


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