Woman granted annulment from man she never met in person


In a tale that’s a mix of rom-com and virtual reality, a couple, who never met in person, was finally granted an annulment 15 months after getting married. 

Ayse Reeves, 27, and Darrin Martin, 24, unknowingly starred in their own long-distance, lockdown love story. Bonding on a Facebook group, they became a couple without ever meeting in person, according to the Lancaster Guardian. Ayse, who resided in the U.K. attempted to bridge the gap and visit Darrin in Michigan, but was halted by the unwelcoming U.S. immigration.

But hey, love conquers all, right? Darrin defied the odds, proposing via FaceTime. The plot thickened with an August 2021 Zoom wedding in Utah. Sadly, reality hit hard as the fairytale unraveled. A speedy relationship detour led to an abrupt December 2021 annulment filing citing “non-consummation.”

It took over 15 months for the transatlantic breakup to be officially sealed, with Ayse receiving her decree in April. 


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