Woman starts house fire with a hot chip


A woman in Missouri is facing charges of arson after she started a house fire with a spicy chip, according to OzarksFirst.com. 

Police responded to the scene after reports of smoke emanating from the back door, finding witnesses who claimed Patricia Williams, a 42-year-old resident of Nixa, ignited a blaze by dousing clothes and the laundry room floor with gasoline before using a flaming Takis tortilla chip as the ignition source. Fortunately, the three individuals present in the house during the incident managed to escape unharmed.

Surveillance footage from a gas station revealed Williams purchasing $2 worth of gasoline beforehand. Court records indicate that she confessed to deliberately starting the fire, citing the flammable nature of the chips due to their high grease content.

In a recent incident on August 11, Williams was apprehended and faces charges of first-degree arson following an alleged fire-starting episode at a residence in Greene County. Williams is currently in custody at Greene County Jail, detained not only for arson but also for other outstanding warrants.

Williams is scheduled for her next court appearance on September 6th.


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