Woman steals rug… then returns it with a note


Most thieves don’t return to the scene of a crime, but that’s exactly what one woman in Cincinnati did. 

A couple on the city’s Northside was shocked to discover that a woman had helped herself to their patio rug and it was all captured on their doorbell camera. 

“We thought it was weird too,” Katelyn Jarvis told WXIX.

Jim Goepferich added, “It looked like she was there with a purpose. It almost looked like she was stealing it back from us as if we stole it from her in the first place.”

The pair posted about the incident on social and even notified police, but just one week later they would find their rug returned and with a note from the woman who described herself as “the woman who mistakenly took your rug.”

The note reads: “I am exceedingly apologetic for taking your rug. It was an honest mistake. I was trying to pick up a free rug from a craigslist offer and I obviously got the wrong one.”


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