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Listening to the scanner as I often do, I’ve noticed a VERY disturbing trend that is going to require a change to state law (looking at you State of Oregon Reps of BOTH Parties). The shear number of calls by our local Law Enforcement that have to deal with 10-40s (a warrant) that are non-extraditable or not serviceable is mind-boggling. These officers spend the better parts of their shifts dealing with these persons and their hands are tied because they are as stated, non-extraditable or not serviceable. I think I have the basis for a solution that in the long run will lower crime, and reduce overall cost to taxpayers.

If a person is stopped and/or detained for some sort of incident and found to have a non-extraditable or not serviceable warrant in another state, local authorities can hold that person and charge them with something similar to “Unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in another state” and even bring that law down to a county level so that criminals could not leave one county for another to avoid the justice system. If a person is found to have a warrant in another state or county the State of Oregon, it’s DA’s, and Law Enforcement in general need to be able to hold these people and send them back to wherever the warrant is from for prosecution and allow the arresting or transporting agency to bill the state or county where the warrant was issued for transport costs.

There are also A LOT of FTAs (failure to appear) and quite often when these people are stopped they receive another citation and court date creating additional paperwork for officers and dispatchers. Why would you issue a citation and another court date for someone who is more than likely not going to show anyway? Why not just take that person into custody and have the matter resolved by a judge in a day or two with credit for time in custody towards whatever sentence is given.

Everyday we hear people saying “back the blue” or “support first responders” yet when it comes right down to it, we give Law Enforcement antiquated laws with which they must try to apply given modern day problems. I’m willing to bet that if you asked officers you’d find that they are tired and frustrated with having to deal with these issues every day when they could be turning their attention to more serious crimes.

This is by no means a perfect solution and I’m not a law maker, but it seems some commonsense needs to be applied so that law abiding citizens don’t become perpetual victims because those charged with keeping the peace, etc. are being hamstrung by antiquated laws and thinking.

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